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Transfer Statuses

Transfer status Description
Awaiting authorization code The transfer was not initiated as no authorization code was provided.


Contact the losing registrar to obtain an authorization code for your domain and enter it under the Transfers in Progress section in your account.
Transfer will begin shortly Transfer is initiated, and the system is about to start gathering Whois data for your domain transfer in order to generate and send a transfer approval email.Also, this status may be briefly displayed after the transfer is approved via email.


No action required at this stage. Please wait for the transfer approval email to arrive.
Verifying domain contacts We have received your transfer request and are obtaining the current Whois information in order to generate the verification email.


No action needed. Please allow up to 24 hours since transfer initiation for the email to be delivered.

If you do not receive the verification email within 24 hours, please submit a ticket to our Domains -- Transfers department. In the subject field, enter “Unable to retrieve Whois” and in the message body, please enter the transfer order ID and domain name(s) to be manually verified.
Awaiting email confirmation Verification email sent to the admin contact of the domain name shown in Whois, but not yet verified.


Have the domain owner at the losing registrar check their email (including their spam folder) for the verification email, and approve the transfer. If the administrative email address in Whois at the losing registrar is incorrect, please correct the email address and contact us to resend the transfer approval email.
Awaiting release from previous registrar Domain is in the process of being transferred to NityGity. The transfer has been approved and the losing registrar is in the process of releasing the domain.This stage takes up to 5-6 days from the moment you approved the transfer via email.


No actions required; the transfer will be completed within 5-6 days automatically, unless the losing registrar rejects the request.

Additionally, if you wish to speed up the process, at this stage, you may contact the losing registrar and ask them to release the domain for a transfer out sooner than the standard 5 days.

Specifically for .UK domains:

Verifying expiration date This status means that our system is temporarily unable to retrieve the expiration date of the domain from WHOIS automatically. Normally, this status gets updated within 1-2 hours.
Change the IPS Tag to ENOM with your current registrar This status means that an IPS tag is yet to be updated for the .UK domain. If it is not changed to ENOM within the next 7 days after transfer initiation, the transfer will automatically fail.
Registrar update is in progress This status means that the .UK domain transfer reached its final stage and awaiting release by its losing registrar which should normally be completed within 24 hours