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How to prevent domain transfer failure

Before starting the transfer process, make sure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Disable your domain’s WHOIS Privacy Protection;
  2. Allow at least 60 days from domain registration or previous transfer;
  3. Check if you have access to the domain’s Administrative email;
  4. Unlock the domain for transfer. This may be done by releasing Registrar Lock;
  5. Ensure the domain’s Auth/EPP code from the current Registrar is in sync with the Registry (if applicable).

Note: Some country-code TLDs are transferred differently. For instance, .UK domains should be re-tagged, and .ES transfer does not have Auth/EPP code.

More information about the steps listed above can be found in General Domain Transfer Steps and Tips article.

Once you have completed these requirements, the transfer should proceed smoothly. However, if the transfer fails for any reason, a cancellation notification will be sent to your NityGity account email address as well as the domain’s Administrative email address from nity@nitygity.com. This email will include general information about errors that occurred in the transfer process, as well as troubleshooting suggestions to implement before attempting the transfer process again.

If you have corrected the errors in your transfer setup and continue to receive cancellation notifications, please email concierge@nitygity.com with the details of your transfer. Our support staff will investigate the issue and do their best to resolve it for you.

Refund information.

All NityGity transfers are risk-free. In case of transfer failure, a full refund will be issued to your NityGity account balance. This information can be found in your NityGity account Dashboard.

Once all modifications are made and the domain name is prepared for transfer, you may resubmit the transfer at Domain - Transfers page and select ‘Account Funds’ as the payment method during checkout.
If you paid for the transfer with a credit card or PayPal and no longer wish to transfer your domain, our Support Team will gladly assist in refunding your payment to the appropriate service.