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How do I verify that my domain is eligible for transfer?

Before purchasing the transfer of any gTLD (e.g., .COM / .NET / .ORG / .BIZ / .INFO etc.) or a new gTLD (e.g. .CLUB / .CLOUD / .TRADE / .TOP etc.), make sure that your domain meets the following conditions:

1. Your domain was registered or transferred at least 60 days ago;
2. The domain is unlocked at the current registrar (its Whois status should be OK or Active);
3. Your domain shows a valid and accessible Admin email address in Whois (we will send the Transfer Approval email there);

We recommend disabling any type of Whois privacy protection / private registration for your domain in order to avoid possible delays with the approval email delivery and possible transfer failure due to enabled privacy.

4. Request an up-to-date Auth/EPP code for the domain at the current registrar.

These conditions apply to the following ccTLDs: .PE / .COM.PE / .NET.PE / .ORG.PE / .US / .CO / .TV / .ME / .IN / .CC / .IO / .CA.

If all criteria are met, you should be able to successfully complete the transfer.

Still, some ccTLDs (.ES and .UK) have additional transfer requirements and/or exclude some points from the list above.

You may check specific guides for your TLD here:

 .UK / .CO.UK / .ORG.UK / .ME.UK transfers to NityGity
.ES / .COM.ES / .ORG.ES / .NOM.ES transfers to NityGity

Note: Make sure the domain status is active, not expired. If you wish to transfer an expired domain to NityGity, please contact our Support Team via chat or ticket for further assistance.

Need assistance on submitting the transfer? Check out the following guide.

That's it!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.