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How do I cancel a pending domain transfer?

Unfortunately, there is no option to cancel an ongoing domain transfer in your NityGity account.

However, if you are transferring your domain to NityGity, the transfer can be cancelled manually on our end. If you wish to cancel a transfer, please contact our support via Live Chat or ticket system and provide us with the following details:

- your NityGity username;
- your support pin;
- the domain name in question;
- the reason for cancelling the transfer.

As the transfer is risk-free, the cancelled transfer order is refunded in full amount. The amount charged is refunded to your NityGity account funds by default. However, you may request the amount to be refunded to the payment source.

If your are transferring your domain from NityGity, the transfer should be cancelled on the side of the gaining registrar. If the option is not available in their console, please contact their support for further assistance.

Note: If you believe that the outgoing transfer was not authorized by you, please contact our support team as soon as possible.