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How can I change the nameservers for my domain?

To change the nameservers for your domain, do the following:

1. Sign into your NityGity account (The Sign In option is available in the top hat of the page).

2. Select Domain List from the left sidebar and click the Manage button next to your domain:

3. Find the Nameservers section and select your preferred option from the drop-down menu. Click on the green checkmark to save the changes:

You can choose from four possible options:

  • NityGity BasicDNS – if you wish to point your domain to our default nameservers:

  • NityGity Web Hosting DNS – if you have a shared hosting plan with us and wish to point your domain to our hosting nameservers:

NOTE: Once the nameservers are changed, all the custom DNS records for your domain will be overwritten to our hosting ones. You will be able to re-create them in your cPanel Advanced DNS Editor and MX Entry menu where you can manage domain's email settings.

  • CustomDNS – if you wish to point your domain to custom nameservers (for example, your Personal DNS servers or third-party hosting nameservers if your domain is hosted with another DNS provider). You will need to fill in your hosting nameservers to the empty lines and click on the green checkmark to save the changes.
NOTE: Do *not* select NityGity Web Hosting DNS or input dns1.nitygityhosting.com/ dns2.nitygityhosting.com nameservers unless you have a shared hosting plan with us.

  • NityGity PremiumDNS is a paid DNS service that can be used with any domain registered at any registrar. This option will be available for the domains that have a PremiumDNS subscription attached.

Nameserver changes do not propagate instantly. Once your nameservers are changed, it may take up to 24 hours (more, in rare cases) for local ISPs to update their DNS caches so that everyone can see your website.

That's it!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.